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How to successfully Implement an Asset Management Application?

The process of getting result is simply the journey between Log sheets and Results. And often teams implement systems and processes to chart the daily running of equipment.

Daily Reports/Log Sheets -> Information -> Actions -> Results

This charting and preparation of log sheets have two core purpose, first to get the right information about daily report and second to bring long term improvements. However, many a times log sheets fulfil the first purpose but fail to deliver the second.

Why teams do not get results?

The reason lies in the process. We often capture the data and create log sheets. And the log sheets also give us good information about the subject. However only creating a log sheet which provides effective information is not the only thing which is required for generating results.

The most important step which is required to generate result is 'Action’ which is often missing. Converting information into action is what is required for generating results. Teams don't require to take massive action, but even small actions on consistent basis can generate enormous results.

What's the way out?

To break this pattern of inconsistent results, we need to implement a robust system which automates the action process and helps us generate results on consistent basis. We need to create or use tools which can automate the actions on regular basis, thus enable team to get the desired results.

Another critical aspect while selecting a tools is that it should be flexible enough to keep changing with time. Because with generation of results, our requirements and expectations keeps changing and the tool used should be flexible enough to handle it.

Last but not the least, tool should be easy to implement. It should be simple enough that all team members can use it conveniently with ease and comfort.

In case you have any suggestions, please comment.

Wishing you good luck for your asset improvement journey !!