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Cloud based applications are cost-efficient, scalable and flexible paving way for better efficiency. Tappet Box being one such application ensures the above and also enables robust disaster recovery, increases collaboration amongst stakeholders, allows 24*7 access irrespective of geographical locations and takes care of your data security needs.

No, users just need to enter timely activity in the application. All BI reports shall be generated and alerts given based on data analysis.

The application is very flexible. An asset or user can be linked to multiple sites and a single user can perform multiple activities based on permissions assigned. Moreover, the data entered for one activity can be effectively used for generation of multiple reports.

Administrator can control user permissions for all activities and reports. The rights shall thus be assigned to users depending upon their specific roles in in the asset lifecycle.

System design allows only chronological data to be entered against counter log. In case, any erratic reading is detected by the system, it shall automatically give an alert.

A computer and an internet connection are required to use the application. With upcoming Mobile App, users shall also be able to access it on any smart phone.

In theinitial phase, Team TappetBox shall closely work with your team and help them adapt to the software.