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Breakdown ‘free equipments’

Infrastructure assets come with a shell life. However, there is no guarantee how long they would last before the first breakdown. It depends upon innumerable factors such as usage, handling, maintenance, operation, so on and so forth.

Problem Areas

Let us track down the top 3 causes for equipment breakdown and their underlying problems.

  1. 1. Improper Servicing – Most of the equipment fall prey to random service schedules which are manually maintained and completely based on operators memory. This leads to erratic and improper servicing, resulting in damage to parts and breakdown.

Underlying cause: The heavy and expensive machinery are at the mercy of record books with no centralized system for monitoring which can trigger service requests as and when it is due.

  1. 2. Missed Service Check Sheet – A service check sheet is supposed to be strictly adhered to by all stakeholders handling the asset such that any service requirement is timely met. Equipment with missed check sheet is more prone to breakdown.

Underlying cause: Separate teams operate same or different equipment with improper collaboration amongst them causing elements on service check sheet being missed by one or many stakeholders.

  1. 3. Lack of Preventive Maintenance Scheduling – Absence of preventive maintenance scheduling is known to be a leading cause for breakdown. Preventive maintenance is a mechanism by which the forthcoming issues in any particular equipment are pre-empted and steps are taken to stop them from occurring.

Underlying cause: There is no set mechanism to monitor preventive maintenance schedules to control things before they lead to unwanted problems.


So, what is the solution? There must be a mechanism to stop things before it is too late and monitor equipment as they are supposed to be.

TappetBox is the answer– A unique online platform that addresses all requirements of an asset lifecycle. Its broad features and associated advantage entails:

  1. 1. Monitor all equipment on single platform – A single cloud based multi-user platform that brings together all facets of infra-asset management and helps you monitor and maintain your equipment to deliver optimized ROI.
  2. 2. Real-time status of Check-sheets – TappetBox reinforces the check sheet concept and allows all stakeholders to check real time status of the equipment and measure its performance via such check sheets. Absolutely simple to use and easy to implement, this platform allows users to bring their dream of a perfect infra-asset management environment to life.
  3. 3. PM Scheduling – This crucial feature of TappetBox keeps a track of all equipment and their service requirements. The PM scheduled may also be customized by users as deemed fit. All service requests for a particular asset, mentioned in multiple check sheets, shall automatically get clubbed and a single ticket shall be generated against the same. This ticket can subsequently be assigned to relevant stakeholders whenever equipment is due for service. Information about non-availability of such asset in that particular duration is passed on to the production house in advance so that alternative arrangements can be made and efficiency is maintained.
  4. 4. Collaborate with all stakeholders – TappetBox brings together all stakeholders of the equipment including maintenance teams, operators, vendors and management and give them a seamless platform to interact and handle the asset optimally. The Business Intelligence reports generated by the system also allows such stakeholders to take well-informed strategic decisions with respect to the equipment.

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  • February 7th, 2017
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