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How can you cut down your infra-asset maintenance cost by 25%?

Maintaining infrastructure assets can be quite an expensive affair. So expensive that they may take a toll on the RoCE and reduce your profits significantly. Imagine the quantum of damage an asset breakdown can do to your project?

The good news is that the damage can be controlled and cost be reduced. How? We will come to that later. Let us first identify the pain areas and ascertain which factors create the largest impact on asset maintenance cost?

Main contributors to the infra- asset management cost

An asset’s maintenance and repair cost can be broken down into three components:-

  1. 1. Preventive Maintenance - This is the periodic maintenance (primarily depends upon asset running) that every asset is meant to undertake to prevent major failures. A fixed and essential cost to be incurred by every asset owner to protect the asset for maximized output, preventive maintenance forms about 70% of the total asset maintenance cost. However, in an Indian scenario, only about 30% of the assets undergo preventive maintenance, leaving the balance assets vulnerable.
  2. 2. Predictive Maintenance - In case an asset demands regular repair for the same component, chances are that the issue is bigger than it appears. This calls for the asset owner to have a deeper look into the asset and predict the need for maintenance to control further damage. Such maintenance is however a rare thing and almost negligible amounts are spent towards this end.
  3. 3. Corrective Maintenance - The most corrosive form of maintenance, this usually is an after-cause of inadequate preventive maintenance measures. Corrective maintenance usually deals with major infra-asset failures and forms about 80% of the repair and maintenance cost. This is the actual pain area which can be taken care of to curtail significant costs.

Why do major failures occur?

The reason for major failures to occur is the negligence of maintenance team and/or lack of preventive and predictive maintenance measures. Infra-equipments, as we all know, demand adherence to strict maintenance schedules for optimized functional capabilities. Unfortunately in India, most infra-asset owners continue to monitor and manage their assets manually, causing the assets to skip vital schedules. Lack of regular inspection and timely maintenance first leads to minor defects, which later gets converted to major asset failures, in turn resulting in augmented repair cost.

A substantial part of the ‘20% major failure and 80% repair cost’ is attributed to the inappropriate maintenance methodology mentioned above.

How can we control major infra-asset failures?

Obviously, by controlling minor repairs! Taking charge of the situation when the damage is small can help you avert major asset failures. Something as small as regular tyre alignment can increase the tyre life by 25-30%.

An increase in focus on preventive maintenance and periodic inspection can minimize breakdowns and diminish repair costs significantly. However, achieving this with manual maintenance is not possible; automation is a definite way out.

Tappet Box- Automate asset maintenance and reduce at least 25% cost

Tappet Box, an infra asset management solution can help you automate your asset management and weed out small defects timely, thus averting major failures. With its end-to-end features that cater to all aspects of asset lifecycle, Tappet Box keeps a periodic track of your assets and updates you real-time about their current status.

With focus on smaller but more important areas if asset maintenance, we target to reduce your asset’s major failures by half and curb the repair and maintenance cost by at least 25%.

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  • December 11th, 2017
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