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The best way to calculate fuel efficiency revealed

If you were asked to change just one habit to maximize your infra-asset output, what would it be?

Any idea?

  • Check their daily performance to monitor gaps?
  • Track their fuel consumption?
  • See if they are allocated at a site for sufficient number of hours?

No. No. No....

Though the above measures can help your assets deliver better performance to a small extent, they play an insignificant role to create a large impact in stand-alone capacities.

“Old ways won’t open new doors”- What calls for the change?
Now before we jump on the solution, let us first evaluate if at all a change in habit is truly required to manage our assets better. As a company dealing with hundreds of asset-intensive organizations for the last two decades, here are the challenges that we see them struggling with most of the times:-

  • Fire-fighting Contingencies – Most infra-asset companies often spend a huge fortune and much of their productive time fire-fighting situations and meeting contingencies that could otherwise be avoided in the first place. Example of this are sudden asset break-down, incorrect allocation of asset and its reallocation to the correct site, projects delays caused by low-performing assets, incorrect data capturing and its unfavourable consequences in decision-making, etc.
  • Incorrect Reports- Inaccurate data capture on excel sheets that is managed by multiple stakeholders with none willing to take complete ownership. Obviously, the end result is incorrect evaluation of performance, expenses, profitability, balance sheet mismatch, etc. leading to an unhealthy asset management trend.
  • Unmanaged Processes – Improper flow of processes and information between stakeholders thus generating a lack-lustre performance.

With the above, the need for a solution is evident. The infra-asset industry thus needs a significant tool to manage their assets and arrive at a right conclusion about their performances. Now coming back to where we began with: If you were asked to change just one habit to maximize your infra-asset output, what would it be?

One Habit - The Solution

The solution is to:

Spend 2 minutes every day on each asset to capture and record the right data at right place.

As a wise man once said “Little effort everyday adds up to big results”, the solution lies in creating a small difference each day.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have accurate data on your finger-tips in a system that can help you generate multiple reports to measure your assets usage, efficacy, fuel consumption, expense ratio, performance gaps, ROE and much more?

Tappet Box, an infra-asset management asset solution lets you do the above with complete ease. With precisely designed formats that only ask for relevant data, all it takes it 2 minutes per asset per day to enter relevant details. Just perfect to manage and monitor all aspects of asset and related data, it can generate accurate statistical reports to help you realize best performance.

Here is what you can achieve by systematically capturing the data through Tappet Box-

  • Capture all important data with complete user ownership
  • Reduce data-entry time and errors
  • Reduction in asset breakdown by implementing proper preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Generate multiple business reports to monitor performance and profitability
  • Take well-informed decisions based on trustworthy reporting structure
  • Derive maximum output with minimal efforts.

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