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How asset improvement cycle can reduce asset breakdowns

The challenging infra-asset intensive business environment today demands their assets to be free of any hiccups, especially asset breakdowns. A single incident of asset breakdown is capable of triggering a chain reaction:

  • Negative impact on asset productivity
  • Lowers down company’s profitability
  • Increased cost of repair thus higher expense ratio
  • Reputation loss causing further loss of business

What if asset breakdowns could be reduced? If the reason behind every breakdown be accurately tapped and corrected?

The Asset Improvement Cycle lets you do this with great efficiency.

Asset Improvement Cycle

As they say: “What gets measured improves”.

Ironically, in the current infra-asset scenario, nothing gets measured and so nothing improves. Asset Improvement Cycle by the way of measurement helps you identify the underlying causes behind asset failures and successfully eliminates most of the outages over a period of time.

The cycle functions on the theory of constraints: Identifying the most crucial constraint that acts as an obstacle towards achieving a goal and then following a systematic approach to improve that constraint till the time it no longer remains an obstacle.

How asset improvement cycle can reduce asset breakdowns

Let us explain the diagram with an example:-

Suppose, you have a fleet of 30 trucks and you decide to use the asset improvement cycle to reduce the cases of failures. As a benchmark, you plan to measure its performance after every three months of usage. After the first three months, when you measure the failures, it is derived that the maximum failures occur due to issues in gear box. Now that you have analyzed the component that gave your assets maximum trouble, you keep a strict vigilance on the gear box through various checksheets. After implementing the checksheets, a 50% improvement in transmission breakdown is observed.

So, when the improvement cycle kicks in the next time, the gear box no longer remains a bottleneck. Instead, this time, you observe that maximum failures happened on account of issues in tyres and you implement checksheets to control that. This goes on infinitely and the bottlenecks keep shifting with every improvement, helping your asset perform better with each cycle.

Tappet Box: A tool to implement asset improvement Cycle

Now, that the significance of Asset Improvement Cycle has been established, how do we bring it into action? The right tool to measure, analyze and implement is quintessential. Tappet Box, an infra asset management software, brings together everything that you need to improve your asset’s performance.

Here is how Tappet Box can help:-

  • A great platform that helps you log a downtime immediately after a component breaks down
  • The Business Intelligence reports help you identify and evaluate the most important reason for failures
  • Tailor-made checksheets to specifically address and curb the failure as ascertained during evaluation
  • Reduces chaos marvellously through huge improvement with every cycle

Besides improving your asset performance, Tappet Box helps you monitor, manage and maintain your infra-assets like never before. Click here to opt for a free demo or call us at +919212311151