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How an infra-asset application can positively impact different users within an organization?

Dealing with infra-assets, especially if they help you stay competent and profitable in your business, requires multi-level monitoring and maintenance. Being someone who has seen these capital intensive infra assets become dysfunctional and crash without much warnings, you would agree to the key need for a solution that can look after them every step of the way. Even better if the solution can boast of customized views and personalized features for every stakeholder involved in the infra-asset lifecycle.

Tappet Box: One solution, multiple applications

Tappet Box, the exclusive infra-asset platform customized to suit the Indian asset industry scenario, has been designed to address the detailed individual needs of its users. It offers a unique solution which more than playing its intrinsic function of managing, monitoring and maintaining your infra-assets, can create different impact on the different users involved throughout the asset lifecycle.

It would be interesting to observe the stakeholder wise features that Tappet Box puts to use and how. Here they are:-

  • Infra-asset Owner - An owner’s key focus is to measure the performance of asset and determine its profitability. Tappet Box’s smart dashboards and Business Intelligence reports shall enable the owner to keep a close eye on these aspects. Beside he/she can also monitor the performance of the team managing and running the asset, expenses logged in for every asset and any unusual activities/expenses/performance issue that may need some action.
  • Commercial Team - Tappet Box will enable the commercial team to measure and maintain records of asset’s performance, downtime, fuel consumption, related expenses, productivity, etc. It will also help them produce work orders, raise productivity wise bills and invoices, watch out due date for bills, estimate and calculate dues on insurance, pollution, etc., and receive alerts for statutory requirements so that they can be fulfilled on time.
  • Maintenance Team - Maintenance team’s prime responsibility revolves around helping the infra-assets perform their best by ensuring regular and on-time maintenance activities. Tappet Box helps them achieve this by planning maintenance activities as per infra-asset’s health, keeping a close tab on asset maintenance schedules and issuing alerts thereof, recording asset breakdown logs and analyzing the different kind of breakdowns to identify root cause. The application also gives the maintenance team an opportunity to raise service requests/complaint to asset vendors through an efficient ticket management system.
  • Inventory Team - This team performs an extremely crucial function of ensuring that enough spare parts are maintained for instant repair/replacement of assets to minimize their breakdown time. Tappet Box helps them manage this by informing the team about the planned and predictive maintenance requirements of all assets (interim & adhoc). With this information, the inventory team is better prepared to procure and store the estimated kind and quantity of inventory required for meeting the demands.
  • Asset Operator - In a traditional system, an asset operator is loaded with reporting the asset running log to multiple people on any given day. Tappet Box eases the operator’s burden by recording a central log for related activities which can be viewed individually by relevant stakeholders.
  • Accounts Team - Tappet Box acts as a single window where accounts team can log equipment wise expenses, revenues, and more.

Hope the above features and benefits explain why tappet Box is an ideal choice for any infra-asset owner or company. To know more or to view a free demo of the application, contact Tappet Box @ +919212311151 today.