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The best way to calculate fuel efficiency revealed

The best way to calculate fuel efficiency revealed

No. of kilometres run/ Litres of fuel consumed = Vehicle’s fuel efficiency.
Isn’t it? It is common sense. Then why are we even discussing this here?
To find out if my point is silly or not, let us take a simple test:-

Test Question - Suppose there are two trucks- Truck A and Truck B. Truck A runs 12 kilometres with one litre fuel and Truck B runs 10 kilometres with one litre fuel. Which truck has a better fuel efficiency?

Answer - Truck A obviously since it is running more against the same amount of fuel.

Now if Truck A is carrying 5 tons weight and Truck B is carrying 10 tons weight, which truck has a better fuel efficiency?

Answer - - Truck B- Isn’t it?

This is because we now have a third and the most crucial dimension ‘productivity’ in the equation.

Back to the basics

Like the above example, we often miscalculate fuel economy of our infra-assets based on just two parameters- fuel consumed and the asset running. Productivity, which is the amount of load carried/ output, is often missed leading to misrepresentation of the fuel efficiency. This in turn makes us misconstrue the equipment cost and RoCE and may adversely affect our strategic decisions and profitability.

So, how do we arrive at genuine fuel efficiency? The best way to calculate it is by revisiting the basics. Fuel efficiency, as laid down by most equipment manufacturers is calculated through Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC) formula-

SFC = grams / BHP-Hrs

where grams is the measurement of fuel consumed’

BHP is horse power or productivity

Hrs is the asset running time

Now that we have unboxed the mechanism to arrive at the real fuel efficiency, how do we monitor the three vital statistics? Given the different shifts, number of operators involved, memory and other errors; doing it manually is unimaginable. Automating it is the only way out.

Tappet Box: An amazing way to trap your data

Tappet Box, the only automated infra-asset management solution customized to Indian scenario, helps you record all aspects of fuel efficiency on one platform. Here, you can capture all data related to fuel consumption, productivity and running in a shift wise manner and gain access to the actual efficiency metre. Laden with comprehensive reports , the software helps you to ascertain the best performing assets and differentiate them against the non performing ones through a comparison between their fuel efficiency. The accurate reports can further help you to buy or sell specific equipments in a timely manner.

An end to end solution, Tappet Box lets you monitor and manage the entire asset lifecycle in an optimized manner. To know more about its features and calculate the right fuel efficiency, contact us +919212311151