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De-coding 3C’s – The benefits of TappetBox IAM solution- heavy equipment maintenance software

De-coding 3C’s – The benefits of TappetBox IAM solution

  1. 1. IAM Expert – “Hi, we have come up with an infra-asset solution for your machinery - a must-have for any asset intensive company. It can add immense value to your organization. Let me explain.”

Plant Manager- “I can manage my assets on my own. Why have you come to me with your infrastructure asset management solution today- what is so special about it?”

  1. 2. IAM Expert – “Well, manual asset management has its own limitations. Our solution goes beyond them and helps your assets perform better, deliver increased output and demand lower maintenance.”

Plant Manager - “Explain me in simpler terms. What exactly are your benefits?”

  1. 3. IAM Expert - – “Great that you asked me about the benefits. They can be best explained through 3C’s.”

De-coding the 3C’s of TappetBox


Cost is the most crucial element on which the cycle of profitability runs- thus it is imperative to minimize it. TappetBox helps in significantly reducing the cost of operating an asset and also supplements the bottom line of the company. The features that help our users to achieve cost optimization are:-

  1. 1. Fuel Feed In – Track, monitor and optimize asset-wise fuel consumption across multiple sites. Note deviations from average industry trends that might be indicative of a pilferage or repair-issues. Act immediately and save cost.
  2. 2. Counter Log – Check asset reading and monitor its running over a time-period. Identify glitches through reading fluctuations and overcome them well in time to save higher costs later.
  3. 3. Inventory Check – Minimize your inventory holdings - keep a check on asset status and ascertain possible inventory requirements. Reduce cost with optimized inventory management and track spare parts performance.
  4. 3. Expense Tracking – Know the expenses incurred on every asset. Compare cost with industry trend and do away with excess spending.


Asset efficacy can be accelerated and output maximized only if one has full control on every aspect of the asset. Tappet Box features that caters to the entire IAM lifecycle helps you keep tab of every asset stage and ensures 100% asset control. Our features through which asset control can be established are:-

  1. 1. Asset and Operator Allocation – Select optimal site for your asset and allocate it to the most suited operator. Reduce idle time and enhance productivity.
  2. 2. Asset Details and History – This feature pulls out extensive details about the asset, its history and performance and helps you take asset-based strategic decisions judiciously.
  3. 3. Basic Check Sheet – Reminds you of statutory and other crucial requirements of the assets in time and ensures that they are successfully met.
  4. 4. Asset Linking – Link secondary assets (like rock breakers, trailers, etc.) with primary assets (like excavators, tractor trucks, etc.) and track actual running of the secondary asset.
  5. 5. BI Reports – Gives overall control of asset fleet by providing analytical data across all parameters.


Consistent performance of an asset is the key to get desired returns on capital employed. The customized features of TappetBox look into individual needs of every asset type such that it can be monitored and managed efficiently to extract steady results. Our features that support consistent delivery are:-

  1. 1. Service Checklist – Tracks the comprehensive service requirements of every asset well in time. This helps asset to be maintained and be kept in good shape and deliver ideal performance.
  2. 2. Ticket Management – Service requests are raised through this feature to ensure timely maintenance of asset. Enjoy seamless connect with internal service team and vendors by allocating tickets directly to them.

It is important to note that most of the TappetBox features perform over-lapping functions and achieve more than one of the three benefits as mentioned above.

It is amazing how TappetBox can link to all aspects of one or multiple assets and drive them towards an ideal scenario - minimum breakdown and maximum performance. Beside those quoted above, there are various advantages that can only be enjoyed with long term use of the solution.

Now that you know why TappetBox IAM is so important to manage your assets, do not hesitate to check one for yourself. Call us for DEMO now – It’s free!

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  • February 7th, 2017
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