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5-in-1 Tool for Equipment Rental Companies !!

5-in-1 Tool for Equipment Rental Companies !!

As a company that rents out assets, what is that one thing that impacts you the most?

Asset Breakdown – Isn’t it?

The moment your asset breaks down, you are hit from all sides:-

  1. First, your rental income from that asset comes to an immediate halt.
  2. Second, you have to bear a heavy maintenance cost towards equipment repair
  3. Third, your reputation is tarred
  4. Fourth and most important, is the possibility of a competitor’s entry at the customer’s site. This will amount to permanent business loss.

Most of you would say that you are doing enough to keep your assets in good condition - log sheets and extensive spreadsheets to look after their maintenance requirements to quote a few.

But, do you really think that doing this is sufficient? Your assets, which outline almost ninety percent of your business cost, can be easily managed over some spreadsheets- Really?

Or, is there a better solution?

Tappet Box: The asset management expert

There is much more you can do to ensure that your assets enjoy a good health and deliver better performance. Tappet Box, an asset management solution, has been designed just around these factors. Customized to the need of equipment-rental companies, here are the features that can help you enjoy higher rentals month on month:-

  1. Shift Wise Asset Running – Measure the running of equipments across every site in a shift-wise manner. Get useful insight into the actual usage of the equipment with every change in shift.
  2. Log Sheets for supporting Billings – Get collated log sheets at the end of every month and use them as dependable supporting for your bills
  3. Check-sheets –Monitor work-orders, meet statutory requirements on time, get audit dates reminders, and set payment reminders for improved collection efficiency.
  4. Service Check-sheet - Streamline maintenance activity planning for your equipments followed by impeccable execution as per schedules.
  5. Calculate Return Ratios – Calculate per month / per day / per shift / per hour wise expense and logically decide the rental cost v/s return.
  6. Monitor Fuel Consumption – Keep a check on fuel consumed by equipments and calculate economy per month / per shift / per hour basis.
  7. Ticket Management - Collaborate seamlessly with the service team at different locations by creating and allocating tickets.

Tappet Box: Benefits

Here is what makes Tappet Box a must for every equipment rental company:-

  1. Minimize asset breakdown, reduce topline losses – Be sure about earning fixed rentals on your equipments by keeping them in good health, thereby minimizing breakdowns.
  2. Reduce maintenance cost; increase profitability - On-time maintenance would result in lesser damage to the equipments, which will lead to reduction in maintenance cost.
  3. Error Free Log Sheets - Maintaining log sheets on software shall ensure that they are error-free and more trusted by your clients.
  4. Expense mapping against Asset Running – Fuel, maintenance and other expenses can be mapped to the equipments and BI reports can be thus derived.
  5. Asset-site mapping - Know which asset is functioning at which site and maintain an automated record.

For more details about how Tappet Box can be beneficial for you, contact us at 919212311151

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  • February 8th, 2018
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